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A destination where
wonder meets experience

If explored, this world is a beautiful place
where each destination is a heavenly experience. And, if you want to go beyond and walk into a land which is a piece Of paradise, we invite you to

Karnataka cannot be felt, it has to be lived. It’s majestically bestowed with everything from plains to mountains, valleys to rivers, high-rises to ancient temples, and artificial gardens to coffee plantations. And we take the responsibility of journeying you across India’s finest tourism destination.

The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation Limited (KSTDC) was incorporated on 06.02.1971 as a company wholly owned by the Government of Karnataka. We help domestic and international tourists find their delight by providing facilities that include accommodation, transport, tour packages and safari at Bannerghatta.


To showcase the rich and diverse culture, heritage and beautiful nature of Karnataka to the domestic as well as international tourists by ensuring safe, comfortable and memorable journey by promoting sustainable tourism


  • To provide services to the tourist and travellers.
  • To take over, develop and manage places of tourist interest in the state of karnataka and elsewhere.
  • To promote tourism by all ways and means and to adapt such methods and devices desirable and necessary to attract tourists in large numbers.
  • To acquire and take over, as a growing concern all or any of the tourist homes, bunglows, cottages, canteens etc. owned by Govt.of.Karnataka and to run them effectively and economically and KSTDC has recently started the customised tour packages to different destinations by different modes of vehicle, tailor made to suit the guests.
  • To carry on the business as tourist agents and contractors and for facilitating travelling to arrange the purchase of tickets in every mode of transport, for reservation of seats and berths, hotels, engagement of guides, insurance, of all kinds and to run inquiry bureaus, libraries, reading rooms etc.
  • To carry on the business of hotel keepers, restaurant, railways, shopping and transport etc.
  • To establish Art Galleries for the exhibition of paintings, engravings, sculptures etc.
  • To establish and administer a hotel development fund and to render financial to other entrepreneurs.
  • To carry on the business as propertitors and publishers of newspapers, journals, magazines, etc. to promote karnataka tourism.
  • To carry on the business of producers, distributors, and exhibitors, of cine films documentaries and the like.

Green Charter (9 points agenda)

  • We, at Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation have adopted the following Green charter to promote sustainable tourism. We pledge the implementation of this charter in letter and spirit.
  • Shall undertake waste management in our establishment and partner with local bodies for reuse, reduce and recycle waste at our destinations.
  • Shall reduce the use of municipal & ground water sources by maximizing the recycling and harvesting of rain water. And use of water effective systems, We shall also implement reuse of the treated water through STP.
  • Shall promote and maximize the use of organic and safe-to-use products.
  • Shall reduce the use of fossil fuel and grid supplied energy by utilizing energy efficient lights and equipment and use of non conventional sources of energy.
  • Shall reduce and discourage the use of plastic.
  • Shall decentralize procurement, encourage local produce wherever possible with emphasis on more employment and business opportunities for women.
  • Shall promote livelihood opportunities especially for youth and women in the local community.
  • Shall promote local arts, crafts and cuisines.
  • Shall plant trees in our establishment and activity engage in creating awareness on sustainable development.


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