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A handbook to handhold you through northern Karnataka.

The northern realm of Karnataka takes you to timeless relics, diverse landscapes and myriad experiences; some, which are a global sensation, and others that reveal themselves to only the ones…

The roads less traveled along the south of Karnataka.

While the north of Karnataka offers a heritage trip like no other, the coastal stretch of the state is replete with pristine beaches. The southern part of Karnataka is most…

Sojourn by the sea, surf, and sand.

Karnataka beaches are whimsical, to say the least. As you saunter by the long stretches of white sandy shores, wading through the surf from the sea, the breeze makes your…

The coast is clear for your next holiday.

Karnataka beaches are a thing of beauty- long serene stretches of the azure sky reflected on the lucid expanse of the sea, only to be swiftly swayed away by the…

Karnataka mapped out for you

Karnataka blessed with different terrains and a rich history brings to life multiple traveler circuits. See for yourself which one fits into your current mood and make plans for a…

Drive the blues away

Moments of leisure and amusement can be hard to come by with our hectic schedules, but a whiff of what Karnataka has to offer and you’ll take the time out…

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