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Karnataka mapped out for you

Karnataka blessed with different terrains and a rich history brings to life multiple traveler circuits. See for yourself which one fits into your current mood and make plans for a…

Drive the blues away

Moments of leisure and amusement can be hard to come by with our hectic schedules, but a whiff of what Karnataka has to offer and you’ll take the time out…

Mysore Marvels: Karnataka’s Indigenous GI – Tagged Products

The story of a land is the story of its people. Karnataka, the land of incredible biodiversity and varying topography, also boasts of a rich history and heritage shaped by…

An Ode to the Sons of the Soil: Karnataka’s Indigenous GI- tagged Crops

Karnataka is known for its rich heritage, diverse wildlife, booming IT industry and pilgrim centres; but did you know that this southern marvel also has the most number of GI…

Handcrafted heirlooms from Karnataka

Karnataka is the state with the maximum number of products listed under the GI (Geographical Indication) tag in India. The tag is a way of proving that a certain product…

Flavours of Karnataka

The cuisine of a place is the way to the heart of its culture. The ingredients used, the way it is cooked and when, as well as who prepares them,…

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